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About Us

BioFuture manufactures and distributes a range of Microbial Products for Industrial & Municipal Wastewater Treatment and for Institutional applications. In addition BioFuture also provides a range of products for specialist markets including Marine, Aquaculture and Agriculture.

Our dedicated team of experts are constantly looking for new technologies and products to facilitate our client base in accessing world class products and solutions for their environmental challenges.

With the emphasis on product support and customer satisfaction, BioFuture can design, manufacture and supply environmental solutions for a variety of applications in the wastewater, bioremediation, drain maintenance and janitorial markets.

Product formulations are reviewed at regular intervals to incorporate advances in biotechnology thus providing our client base with cutting edge solutions to their environmental requirements.

All products manufactured by BioFuture are environmentally acceptable, stable, safe, non-hazardous, non-corrosive and biodegradable.

Our high quality biological products have a proven track record of effectiveness and success.

Talk to us - you will like what you hear.