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Case Studies

Case Study - Bewley's Cafe, Newlands Cross, Dublin, Ireland

BioFuture, had been approached by the contractor employed to conduct some structural work on the drains. The reason for the approach was that the grease trap was becoming solidified and had to be pumped out on numerous occasions.

BioFuture conducted a detailed survey of the site in order to determine the nature of the problem and to offer a solution. The grease trap was located in the floor of the cold room. It had been located in the service yard with easy access but, following architects advice the beer/cold room was built over the grease trap. The kitchen waste disposal unit was feeding directly to the grease trap and was resulting in excessive solids accumulation. The drains and grease trap were being dosed with a biological product using an automatic pump located in the wash-up area of the kitchen – a distance of 35 – 40 metres from the grease trap. Despite the dosing of 1.5 litres per night the grease trap was very prone to blockages from rancid, oxidised grease.

Following a detailed site survey the recommendations were:

a) Divert the waste disposal outlet directly to the drain and bypass the grease trap.

b) Relocate the dosing point to a point 1 metre from the grease trap.

c) Start a dosing programme using 1 litre Grease Clean per night and 1 x 250g sachet of Grease Clean Powder per month.


The grease trap has not been pumped out since February 1999. Prior to this treatment there were 2 – 3 pump-outs per month.

The bad smells from the trap due to rancid fats and septicity have been eliminated.

Blockages have been eliminated.

These results have been achieved despite the fact that the grease trap is located in a cold room environment that is not conducive to efficient biological treatment.

BioFuture operate a regular service call on a monthly basis during which time the dosing pump and the grease trap are inspected and the stock checked. A service report is submitted during each call and recommendations are made.

BioFuture would like to acknowledge the help and co-operation of the staff at Bewley's Cafe in aiding with the completion of this case study.

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