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Ecocleaning Products

Product Applications Description
BFL Septa Clean Septic tanks Biologically manages and controls the operation of septic tanks as well as preventing soakaway blockages.
BFL Oil Clean Oil stains Cleans and removes oil stains on floor surfaces encountered in e.g. bus depots, garage forecourts, driveways.
BFL Odour Clean Odour control Biological removal of offensive odours in e.g. rubbish bins, animal housing, refuse trucks, landfill sites.
BFL Carpet Clean Carpets A high foaming, fast wetting, environmentally friendly carpet and upholstery cleaner.
BFL Grease Clean Fats, oils, greases A liquid biological product for control and maintenance of grease, fats and oils in drains, grease traps and pump sumps.
BFL Toilet Clean Toilets and Urinals An eco-safe, natural product which cleans and combats scale and odours in toilets and urinals.
BFL Eco Compost Composting Accelerates the composting process and ensures good quality final product.
BFL Multi Clean Hard surfaces An eco-friendly surface cleaner for floors, walls, tiles, showers, baths, etc.
BFL Grease Clean Powder Fats, oils, greases Biological control and maintenance of grease in larger grease traps and pump sumps.