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Industrial Products

Product Applications Description
BFL 5050VF Vegetable Fat & Oils Biological degradation of oils and fats of vegetable origin.
BFL 5900PH Phenols / Aromatic chemicals Biodegradation of aromatic chemicals such as phenols, benzene, toluene, ethyl benzene, xylene (BTEX), aniline, etc.
BFL 5700SO Odours - Sulphides Biological oxidation of sulphides to produce harmless, odourless end products.
BFL 5600SS Surfactants Biological degradation of excessive surfactants in wastewater.
BFL 5500HC Refineries Biological degradation of hydrocarbons in effluents from refineries and petrochemical plants.
BFL 5100HP Abbatoirs & Meat Plants Biological degradation of proteins and other organic materials from the meat processing and slaughtering industry.
BFL 5000FG Dairies Biological degradation of fats and greases, proteins, lactose and other organic materials in dairy effluents.
BFL 5400GC General Chemicals Biological removal of complex compounds in effluents from chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
BFL 5300PP Pulp and Paper Biological removal of organic material in effluents from the pulp and paper industry.
BFL 5200VP Fruit & Vegetable Processing Biological degradation of organic material from fruit and vegetable processing, including beer and wine production.
BFL 5800NT Ammonia removal Biological removal of ammonia by autotrophic nitrifying bacteria.
BFL 5150PS Pump Sumps Biological degradation of grease and fats in pump sumps and lift stations.
BFL Bilge Clean Bilge Water Breaks down petroleum compounds in contaminated bilge water.