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Municipal Products

Product Applications Description
BFL 4450LL Leachate Biological removal of partially degraded and soluble organic materials in landfill leachate.
BFL 4400AN Anaerobic digestion Facultative biological degradation of a wide range of organic materials to simple organic acids.
BFL Agri Clean Animal Wastes Accelerates the rate of biodegradation, mobilisation and stabilisation of animal wastes.
BFL 4900CS General chemicals Biological removal of complex chemicals in effluents arising from chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
BFL 4700PS Pump sumps Biodegradation of fats and greases in pump sumps and lift stations.
BFL 4500NT Ammonia removal Biological removal of ammonia by autotrophic nitrifying bacteria.
BFL 4250HS High starch Biological removal of starch in effluents from the food industry.
BFL 4000SU Start up / reseeding Start up or reseeding of municipal treatment works.
BFL 4600SO Odours (sulphides) Biological oxidation of sulphides to produce harmless, odourless end products.