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BFL Bilge Clean

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Applications: Bilge Water

The bilge tanks on board ships normally contain a mixture of petroleum oils and oily sludges in water which must be stored until they can be off loaded when the ship returns to port. Since the oil forms a layer on the surface conditions in the water layer can become anaerobic. Under these conditions sulphur reducing bacteria can become active resulting in the generation of hydrogen sulphide. In confined spaces hydrogen sulphide is very hazardous and can be corrosive when dissolved in water.

BioFuture solve the problem by treating the contaminated bilge water at source. This is achieved by use of a product such as BFL BILGE CLEAN. This product contains microbial cultures that have been specially selected for their ability to efficiently break down the many different petroleum compounds contained in oil products. BFL BILGE CLEAN also contains some nutrients to accelerate the degradation of hydrocarbons. BFL BILGE CLEAN uses only harmless, natural micro-organisms that deal with the contamination by degrading the hydrocarbons to CO2 and H2O in an environmentally acceptable way.


BFL BILGE CLEAN consists of a carefully selected blend of natural micro-organisms that have the ability to degrade all the main classes of compounds in oil fractions. These fractions are aliphatic, aromatic and polar compounds. The product contains a broad range of different microbes that can produce the enzymes required to completely degrade these diverse compounds. In addition to the ability of the microbial strains to produce enzymes it is vital that some strains can produce biosurfactants. This is because oil based compounds do not mix with water and it is important for the strains to produce biosurfactants which emulsify the oil and make it easier to degrade. The microbial strains in the product also have the ability to function under conditions where oxygen is limited so that they can work beneath the surface.

The product also contains a specially formulated blend of organic and inorganic nutrients together with natural sources of micronutrients, amino acids and vitamins which help the microbes to degrade the hydrocarbons.

The microbial strains are produced as single pure cultures, harvested, stabilised on a cereal base and blended together to produce the final product. Extensive checks are conducted throughout the process to ensure purity and quality of the product.

Product specifications

  • Form : Brown granular powder
  • Odour : Natural organic
  • Total Viable Count : 1.0 x 109 cfu/g
  • Shelf life : 2 years.

    Directions for use

    The product is supplied on a cereal base so it is important that the bacteria are rehydrated before use. This is achieved by adding the required quantity of product to lukewarm (~30oC) water in a suitable container. Apply 1 part product to a minimum of 10 parts water, stir well and allow to stand for 1 hour before application.

    Product safety

    The micro-organisms in BFL BILGE CLEAN have all been isolated from natural environments. They have not been genetically modified in any way. These microbial strains have been classified as being harmless to humans, animals and plants. The product is subjected to independent testing to ensure that it is free of Salmonella and other contaminants.

    For further information on dosing programmes and product application please contact:

    Technical Department BioFuture Ltd. 62C Heather Road Sandyford Industrial Estate Foxrock Dublin 18 Ireland. Phone: +353-1-2149749 Fax: +353-1-2149767 E-mail: info@biofuture.ie